Silver Metal Purity

There are quite a few different types of silver, but most silver chains are made of sterling silver.  Below are the different purity levels of silver used in jewelry:

​Fine Silver (.999) Chains


Pure silver is called fine silver, or .999 silver.  Fine silver is rarely used for silver chains because fine silver is too soft and will dent easily.

Sterling Silver (.925) Chains

Sterling silver is by far the most common type of silver used in silver chains.  The 7.5% alloy, most often copper, hardens the silver alloy and makes it ideal for sterling silver chains.

Sterling Silver (.925) Chains with Rhodium

Sterling silver chains may be alloyed with rhodium to help prevent tarnish.

Silver Plated Chains

Silver plated chains are common.  Silver plated chains use a cheap base metal and line it with a thin layer of silver.  Silver plated chains have a much greater propensity to tarnish or even break.

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