Brief History

Silver jewelry dates back to ancient Sumeria, Egypt, and Phonecia thousands of years ago.  Minoan civilizations in the Greek Islands regularly traded silver jewelry.

The Greeks and Romans started using silver for money and jewelry not long after.  Silver chains, or necklaces, were used as a means to carry your money with you in a fashionable manner.

The invention of sterling silver is believed to be in Germany in the 1200's, and by the year 1300 King George I began using sterling silver instead of pure, silver.  

When the new world was discovered in 1492, silver became in much greater abundance and Europeans would often transport shiploads of silver back to the old world.


Silver at times during the middle ages became more precious than gold.  Vikings would even trade some of their gold for silver.

Sterling silver was used as a currency and to trade goods in American Colonial times from the 1600's until Independence in 1776.  Sterling silver was used for cutlery in America from the mid 1800's to the mid 1900's. 


Sterling silver jewelry and sterling silver chains used to only be worn the very wealthy, but nowadays sterling silver chains are fairly affordable, especially compared to gold chains.


Silver has a spiritual history of manifesting riches, projecing wealth, and bringing abundance to life.

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