Sterling silver chains are most commonly circular pieces of jewelry that adorn the neck.  Sterling silver chains are 92.5% silver, the remaining 7.5% of metal is composed of a stronger alloy such as copper.


Thin sterling silver chains are ideal for attaching a pendant of any gemstone or metal, and virtually any pendant design.  Thick sterling silver chains are a different style altogether and can weigh many ounces.

Sterling silver keychains exist as well, which are chains used to hold your keys.  Sterling silver is an ideal metal for keychains as sterling silver is both beautiful and durable.


Silver is a naturally occuring element, symbol AG on the peridoc table.  Silver has been used as money for thousands of years, and silver is most often mined as a byproduct of other metals.  Silver deposits are very commony found with deposits of lead, copper, nickel, and gold within the earth's crust.

Sterling silver chains and sterling silver jewelry in general are extremely common and popular throughout the world.

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